This single family home in the West Portal neighborhood had immense potential for adding livable space in the unfinished basement. Natural light flooded in from the backyard and adding interior access to the backyard as well as an extra bedroom and bath for a growing family were the top priorities. APJ Interiors worked closely with an architect and general contractor to make these plans a reality. I consulted on everything from the floor plan to lighting placement, flooring, tile, bathroom fixtures, paint colors and  decor. The final result being a colorful playroom, serene master suite, and a functional and beautiful entry way from the garage. All the while keeping the indoor-outdoor flow an integral part of the design.


The bones of the main floor of this single family home were in fabulous shape with bright natural light, beautiful wood floors, moulding, and built ins. APJ Interiors took it up a notch with fresh and bright paint color choices, updated lighting, and all furniture, textiles, and art selections, to make this home a cozy and serene sanctuary to relax and enjoy family and friends.


Creating colorful yet calm and organized children's rooms can be a challenge. However, a challenge APJ Interiors enjoys immensely. These two rooms incorporate function and comfort as well as each individual child's input. Toys are organized in a way that allows easy access to play and clean up. The girl's room addresses need for homework and reading spots as well as a bunk bed for sleepovers. The boy's room allows room for play and cozy snuggles and serves as a serene guest retreat when needed. Luckily this room has a large enough closet for all toy, book and clothing storage, leaving the room free to spread out the toy-du-jour and endless fort building.


APJ Interiors worked with a family moving from New York to create a warm, peaceful retreat to host family visiting from the East Coast. Working to create multiple spaces to relax within a small sunny room, APJ Interiors layered in color, neutrals, and texture for a balanced and serene oasis.


The main directive from our client was to make a nursery that was comfortable and that could grow up with the baby without needing too many changes along the way. The result is a warm yet modern room with several cozy spots for family snuggles.


The goal for this project was to bring some warmth and character to a new-build, modern white apartment without losing the serene minimal feel of the space. We added a custom kitchen Island to provide more storage and counter space as well as a place to sit with friends and entertain. The warm walnut base and greige stone counter added depth and warmth to the light and airy space.


A dark basement room was transformed into a bright and cozy guest room/ work space for this single family home. This was a very eco-friendly makeover, re-purposing pieces and artwork from around the home and filling in with thoughtfully chosen items to fill in the gaps. The end result is a warm and comfortable space for guests and homeowners alike.

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