Are you renovating and overwhelmed by all of the choices in finishes? We work with clients and their contractors to choose the following items with a cohesive and Eco-friendly design in mind:

  • flooring

  • tile

  • counter tops

  • Cabinetry

  • Paint Colors

  • Lighting

  • Plumbing Fixtures

  • Hardware

  • Space planning


Do you want to freshen up your space without buying all new furnishings and decor? Book our Eco-Styling session with Annie. She will walk you through your space and help you re-organize, space plan, style, and refresh your space using what you already have. She can coordinate any re-upholstering or re-finishing of beloved furniture pieces and shop your home for decor and art to create a cohesive and functional home. After the session, if there are any gaps to fill, Annie will provide a curated list of recommended items from eco-friendly sources. Book you session today!


For the client who has moved into a new home or just ready to up-level their space, we will provide comprehensive design concepts, space planning, and curated furnishing and decor plans. We aim to make the re-decorating process as Eco-friendly as possible, sourcing vintage and new from responsibly sourced vendors whenever possible.

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